The cost of defending a tax audit shouldn’t be a low blow!

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August 17, 2020
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October 16, 2020


Tax risk insurance is simply the most effective protection for you and your business

If you are ever selected for an audit by SARS.

When you are covered by a tax risk insurance policy, your tax audit problem becomes ours, immediately. Critically for you, the cost of employing top tax specialists to defend your case are covered by us from the word go!

Tax Risk Insurance provide cover in the following matters:

  • Income tax audits
  • VAT
  • Employees tax audits
  • Capital gains tax audits
  • Dispute resolutions hearings and appeals to the Tax Board and the Tax Court.


Tax audits are part of the SARS mandate, to ensure compliance and to maximise tax collections. SARS reported that it exceeded its audit coverage targets last year, conducting more than 1.8 million tax audits. This is the unnerving reality – SARS are now auditing more taxpayers more often, and statistically, you could be next.


Even if you believe, like most people, that your taxes are up to date and accurate, SARS can still select you for an audit. Some audits are completely random. In other cases, SARS may put a case forward that you’ve underpaid your taxes, or a human error may have been discovered. The reality is that even if you employ the best accountants in the world, you may still get selected for audit.

The fact is, any SARS audit is ALWAYS best handled by qualified experts in their field.

For a very affordable monthly premium, a Tax Risk Insurance policy will pay for a team of experts to fight your case and ensure you receive a fair outcome.

Get the peace of mind we can offer you with tax risk insurance.

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